Cochrane Systematic Review Protocol Development Workshop

Mr.Richard and Mr.Paul from Cochrane South Asia team from Vellore has conducted three day programme on protocol development for Cochrane systematic review from 26th July to 28th July at Narayana Dental College and Hospital, Nellore. Twenty Eight faculty has enrolled for the programme. Twenty two faculty from Narayana Dental College, four faculty from Narayana Medical College and two faculty from Nursing College has been registered for the programme. Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis, Developing a Protocol, Searching Trials and Reference Management have been delivered along with hands on day 1 On the beginning of day 2 Dr.Suneel Kumar Chinni has given recap of the day 1.Assessing study quality – Risk of Bias Table, Handling Data and Meta-analysis, Zotero / Management of Studies and Practicals for these sessions were delivered on day 2.On the beginning of day 3 Dr.Suneel kumar chinni has given recap of day 2 programme. Review Manager 5, GradePro- Summary of Findings Table were discussed and discussions were followed on day 3. After the discussions valedictory function was done. Certificate distribution was done to the participants by Dr. N. Siva Kumar, Dean of Academics.