World Anti-Tobacco Day Celebrations on 31st , May, 2017

Department of public health dentistry, Narayana dental college and hospital celebrated World No Tobacco Day by organizing tobacco cessation counseling and health awareness programs for dental undergraduate, postgraduate students and general public of Nellore.
Dental undergraduate & postgraduate students attended a seminar on prevalence of tobacco related diseases and their outcomes by Dr.Sudhir KM. They were explained the importance of tobacco cessation and tutorials were taken on tobacco cessatrion counseling by Dr. V.Chandrashekarareddy, Prof & Head of the department of Public health dentistry. Students participated actively and shared their views and clarified doubts on cessation counseling techniques.
A skit presentation on tobacco ill effects on the family and society was presented in MGB Mall, Nellore for general public awareness. It was well received and public had expressed their support for this campaign. IEC materials like pamphlets were distributed in the mall which were prepared by our students.
Dr. Ajay Reginald, the Principal, attended the programs and encouraged students to promote tobacco cessation activities during their routine dental postings and enlightened the students on tobacco production ban. HODs & staff of various departments had attended the program along with students and made it a grand success.